Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CBD 6/10/2009

Billy Batson & the Magic of Shazam, Unwritten

Tiny little haul this week. Actually, I don't think two comics can even constitute a 'haul'.

I resisted picking up a couple of impulse buys this week, and opted to get out of the store for just over five bucks, which is nice.

Unwritten #2 (Mike Carey, Peter Gross) This issue certainly lived up to the first issue. I wonder if I should just stop now and wait for the trade. I like getting the whole story at once, especially the first installment that establishes everything. At the same time, though, I don't want to wait that long. The idea of our main character possibly being a character out of a book, and definitely being an expert on literary geography is really cool. The supporting characters and the sense of intrigue are also building a good case for continuing to get the singles.

Billy Batson & the Magic of Shazam #5 (Not Mike Kunkel?) - Hey, Why isn't this awesome Mike Kunkel book by... awesome... Mike Kunkel anymore? I have a feeling I missed some news somewhere along the line. I LOVE tiny titans, I LOVE Baltazar and Franco, but I loved the Kunkel-ness of this title. The energy of every page and Kunkel's dynamic style were what made the book for me. The art in this is fine, Byron Vaughns does a fine job, but it just feels like a bait and switch for me. I will probably cancel this now. I am not a huge Shazam fan. I like some of the modern takes on him in relation to Superman mythos, and liked Jeff Smith's take on him and such, but really it was the look and feel that Kunkel brought to the book that drew me in, just as Baltazar and Franco did for Tiny Titans, and Walker/Jones did for Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade.


John said...

1) Don't trade-wait The Unwritten. Too many titles (like my beloved Young Liars, another Vertigo book) get canceled because people would rather wait for the trade, causing single issue sales figures to plummet, which in turn causes sales expectations of the trade to lower, which leads to less availability of the trade, which leads to lower sales of future volumes. While Vertigo has a better understanding of readers who trade-wait than many other publishers, even they have to protect their bottom line.

2)As for Billy Batson, how often was Mike Kunkel putting that book out? Mainstream kids' titles pretty much have to keep to a monthly schedule, as there are very few children who are savvy enough to understand that great work takes more time. If you've ever seen Art and Franco at a convention, you know how fast those guys can draw. They could probably make the series weekly if they dropped Tiny Titans (or vice versa!)

Sandy said...

I think I heard that Kunkel is not off the book; he and the other guys will be rotating in and out.

Talkin Bout Comics said...

You guys are the best.

How did you get so wise, John? I won't trade wait. The only book I do that on purpose for is Scalped, because reading the compiled Scalped issues is like watching a good action movie. Usually I am so slow to get on board things that they are already well into trades.

As for Billy, I guess my main point is that my enjoyment of that book was really based on all the things Kunkel brought to the table. I don't notice books as late until they achieve Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk style lateness. I can see your point with regard to a kids book.