Saturday, May 2, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Verdict - Loved it. My daughters loved it as well.
  • Was it a bad movie? On many levels, yes it was.
  • Were the effects kind of cheesy? Yes, in many ways in many places.
  • Were there a lot of done to death 'stock superhero movie' scenes? - Yes
  • Were there things that made no real sense? - Sure
  • Were there scenes that someone thought would look cool, but really just looked kind of dumb? - Yes
  • Were there things that broke canon just to break it, since they could have been done in some other way? - Yes
  • Did it make me laugh at things that were not intended to be funny? - Yes
  • Will it inspire rabid fanboy rants about everything that was WRONG or every little detail that isn't directly from the books? - Probably, but if it does, I assume those people don't really want to enjoy any comic book movie that will ever be released. I figure their enjoyment comes from psychotic ranting, so on that level, they loved this movie too.
  • Was it filled with characters we never thought would show up on screen? - Yes
  • Did it have some cool effects? - Yes
  • Did it have a sense of humor? - Yes
  • Did my daughters giggle at shirtless(naked even) Wolverine and at sexy Gambit? - You stay away from my daughters Hugh Jackman and Taylor Kitsch!!

I enjoyed it, my 9 and 15 year old comics loving daughters enjoyed it(I am very proud that both of them were able to site some ways it broke canon). I feel some opportunities were missed, and some things could have been done differently, but this is the movie that was made, and I enjoyed it on a bunch of levels. Some special effects weren't great, but some of the ones that weren't great still worked for me. Aspects of the film were more comic book than movie to me. I am not diminishing comics by saying that. This was not the best comic book movie ever made, but I am pretty sure that as we were sitting there watching it we enjoyed it every bit as much.

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