Thursday, May 7, 2009

CBD 4/6/09

Atomic Robo,Power Girl,New Mutants, Supergirl CA8G,Agents of Atlas - mini reviews

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Atomic Robo: Shadow From Beyond Time #1 - Clevinger,Wegener,Pattison,Powell - I don't always include everyone's name when I talk about comics. I am doing so for this, just to emphasize how perfectly every aspect of this book is done. If you aren't reading Robo, you need to start right now. If you don't have the money to pick up the first two trades (each one a must have), then at least pick up this issue. This series is filled with action and humor(this issue has less action, but is still a page turner). In this issue(set in 1926), Charles Fort and HP Lovecraft show up at Robo's door looking for Tesla. The writing is perfect, the art is perfect, the color is perfect, even the lettering is perfect. This series honestly has a dream team working on it, whether anyone knows it or not. (I know I am gushing, but at this point they could call it *All Star Atomic Robo* and they wouldn't be out of line.) I hope we continue to see a long line of top notch mini series from these folks for years to come (and movies and toys and anything that will get them paid as a reward for excellence)

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th grade #6 (Landry Walker and Eric Jones) - I am so sad to see this end. I sure hope there is something else coming up soon to fill the void it will leave. This has a definite kids comic feel to it, but not in a way that diminishes it in any way. The path to the resolution is filled with the bizarre stuff that litters the Superman mythos. We have crazy dimensional beings, Super-Pets, cosmic ramifications, time travel, etc. and it all works. It is a bit crazy, but really, it works and is fun and cute and nice at the same time. It is a comic where things work out because people ultimately make the right decisions. Very nice indeed.

Agents of Atlas #4 - This comic skirted the edge of what I can take from a comic before it loses me (from an understanding sense of the word). Ultimately I think it did a good job for being a confusing concept piece involving memories and perception, and actions taking place or seeming to take place in two different times, etc. It maintained the wit and charm I enjoy from this series, even when I was scratching my head and re-reading bits of it. This issue reolves that skeletal pilot thing that popped up previously.

New Mutants #1 (Wells/Neves) - I was excited to see a new New Mutants series. I was a HUGE New Mutants fan when I was young. I moved right from New Teen Titans into New Mutants which is sort of a standard progression i would say. This issue looks great, and gives me back a lineup of characters I really liked at very different stages of their lives. Magick is extremely creepy in this, really creepy. Other than that (which isn't a bad thing) The characters are as I like to see them, and the first villain we get is one I think I hated. Actually, there were a lot of things I didn't care for in the run of New Mutants I read growing up, but I still loved the series and the characters. I will try to pick this up for at least a few issues.

Power Girl #1 (Gray, Palmiotti, Conner) - I really like Amanda Conners work. I Liked the Terra Mini series a lot, especially the title character's interaction with Power Girl. I am not sure if we will get anything like that in this series or not. It seems possible we will, as we get a good bit of Karen Starr in her civvies as well as some pretty good Power Girl action. Ultra Humanite is up first on the bad guy list, and he's making a pretty grand entrance. I am inclined to give this a few more issues if I can. The Team on it is pretty great, so I expect good things out of it.

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