Saturday, May 2, 2009

Free Comic Book Day - The Aftermath (ok it's just a recap)

My FCBD consists of running my girls out to our LCS and then coming home. My LCS has no particular celebration or sale around it, but they had an ok selection with a good number of kid friendly titles. This year, everyone that walks through the door gets to take up to 5 titles(no dupes) each. I think that's more than fair, and helps make sure everyone gets a taste.

The selection wasn't too deep this year, but we got out of there with only a duplicate or two between us.

Shonen Jump Special - interview with Stan Lee, Ultimo - Stan Lee & Hiroyuki Takei(20+ pages), Shonen Jump Lineup (picture and paragraph about each feature in the magazine)

The World of Cars (Boom Kids) - There is a nice preview of issue #1 of The World of Cars: The Rookie #1 (not my thing, but not bad for a licensed thing for kids), You also get a few pages from issue 1 of the incredibles.

Radical Comics NYCC (sampler) This one is labeled for NYCC, not FCBD, but it still looks cool. My oldest was drawn to it. I am already a fan of Hotwire. This isn't a comic, but there is a lot of great art, and an interview or two.

Archie Presents the Mighty Archie Art Players - Four stories, not exactly with the times (one of the stories is 'High Noonish' because kids LOVE Gary Cooper parodies...) It all works, it's all Archie, and no... I don't really expect him to be hip. It's cute... It's Archie.

Blackest Night #0 - I am looking forward to this event more than I thought I would. I thought this was a good book, but that Hal Jordan is sort of a jerk to Barry Allen. I think the little breakdown of the various colored corps in the back is cool. I am not sure that death is an emotion though...

Bongo Comics Free-For-All - Good stuff. Fine for kids, funny for fans of Simpsons or Futurama. Several full stories in here

Sonic - Evolution of a hero - This is a 'datafile' and not a comic. There are a lot of pictures, but it seems like a 'saga-style' recap with pictures and a cover gallery (which is kinda cool, but not a comic). I wish this had been a real comic. If you are going to have an offering for FCBD you need to make it at least partially comics.

Dark Horse Comics - Free Comic Book Day - This is pretty cool. It's a flip book with a sampler on one side (Usagi Yojimbo, Emily the Strange Indiana Jones and Beanworld. The other side is Star Wars Clone Wars. Well done Dark Horse... No surprise here.

IDW - G.I. Joe , Transformers Flip book. Great idea here, well done.

Oni - Resurrection with a backup Tek Jansen story.

Savage Dragon #148 Free - Brilliant idea. I am looking for my free variant Obama cover... I applaud this tactic. It is what FCBD should be (the good flipbooks and samplers also get that accolade)

Avengers - Cool stuff. New Avengers, Dark avengers and Thor One Shot. Also good stuff.

Hope everyone was able to get out today and enjoy the spirit of the day.

My favorite part of the day was being in the store when a little kid (maybe 7) came running in asking about the free comics, and how excited he was when he ran immediately out to tell his mom it was true. It was very cute.

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SK said...

That might the catalyst to get the lil 7 year old hooked on comics. Have fun at my FCBD . . the store organised several storm troopers just in case!