Saturday, May 2, 2009

Previews - Items of note!

A few things that you may not want to miss from this month's previews:

Festering Romance - Renee Lott (Oni Press p275) - I met Renee Lott at SPX last year, and picked up the 14 page preview of this Comedy/Romance/Paranormal edged comic. It gets a nice full page to itself this month. Check out her blog for some cool art and preview images, including pencils and inks comparisons (er... pencilled pages, as well as the inked versions of the same pages so you can see the progression). I really enjoyed the preview, enjoyed meeting Renee and now I have enjoyed looking at the listing in previews. Support new talent!

Marvel Divas #1 - This should be worth picking up for the Tonci Zonjic Interior art at the very least. The premise suggests a series that could be great. It's at least worth checking out the first issue... right? so you may want to lock it in now. Black Cat, Hellcat, Firestar and Monica Rambeau are featured in this series... It promises Romance, Action, and ex-boyfriends... a promise only ever made by one series I know of... a little book called... Scott Pilgrim!!! ok.. I am not really drawing a connection between the two, but ignore the cover art and give it a try.

Kid Colt #1 - If you like westerns, this is a pretty decent one. 21 pages or so have been put on Marvel Digital Comics as an exclusive, so I assume that is what you will get in this first print issue. It is written by Tom DeFalco with art by Rick Burchett, and come on... It's Kid Colt...

If you haven't been reading it as it is coming out, I also recommend the TP for Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil. It's pretty funny stuff.

North 40 #1 - Aaron Williams with art by Fiona Staples(Wildstorm p105) - 6 issue mini with a cool premise as if art by Fiona Staples wasn't reason enough to give it a look.

Wednesday comics #1-4(DC p68) - Yes, it's 4 bucks for 16 pages, but it is 16 14x20" pages. A pile of big name talent is on this, and the features include Batman, Hawkman, Kamandi, Adam Strange, Flash, Deadman and more! it's weekly for 12 weeks. I say it's worth picking up an issue or two at least. Looks great to me.

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