Thursday, May 21, 2009

CBD 5/20/2009

This week is a cheap date - Tiny Titans, Agents of Atlas - Quality, not quantity

Tiny Titans #16 - Baltazar & Franco - I will stop buying this when it stops being wonderful. This time 'Coach' Lobo assigns an around the world race as their fitness assignment. You will never guess who wins! More cute, more funny, more absolutely the kid friendliest funny book you will find. Also, it is an affordable 2.50... buy it, give it to an actual kid and let them read it, enjoy it, and even cut out the pin-ups for their walls.

Agents of Atlas #5 - Another pretty great issue. This comic comes at you from a different angle than most other things (at least the stuff I am reading) You have a team of good guys operating under a sort of front in order to get into places they wouldn't be able to otherwise. This means they have to go up against other good guys sometimes. This is a smart book as well as a fun one. The sequence with the new avengers is really great. Spider-Man figures out what is going on and defuses the situation... a new situation immediately pops up negating that, but for a few seconds everything was cool. The art is pretty great, the writing is superb. It baffles me that I am getting and enjoying this much, a book with Dark Reign plastered on it, but this title makes absolute sense under that mantle.


John said...

It seems like every big Marvel crossover since Civil War has had a tie-in title that is far superior to the main story. World War Hulk had Incredible Hercules and Damage Control, Secret Invasion had Captain Britain & M:I-13, and Dark Reign seems to have Agents of Atlas. Zodiac looks to be fun as well, but it's still a ways off.

Talkin Bout Comics said...

That really is funny. It's completely true. It seems strange to me that it takes this giant 'other' thing to get some really good books into print that are for the most part only tangentially related. For Agents of Atlas, I hope they survive into whatever a post-dark reign environment is. The dual nature of the thing makes it really suited to the DR setting. I guess I would be happy if it ended strong when it makes sense to end it, regardless of when that is.