Friday, February 19, 2010

Not Comics, but still worth Talkin' 'Bout

I have this charming little affliction that keeps me from doing things I know I need to do, even if I really want to do them. It doesn't keep me from doing other stuff, just the stuff I feel is most important (important is a relative term here, as no comic blogging is all that important, especially that which is done by me.) All of that aside, on with the show!!

I have been greatly enjoying a fairly new blog that two of my internet friends started recently. A quick note about my definition of Internet Friend. If I follow you on twitter or ever read your blog, you may already be my Internet Friend. If you have ever commented on one of my blogs or referenced something I posted or mentioned a reply of mine, etc., you may already be my Internet Friend. If you are a friend of an internet friend, and I like something that you post, you may have accidentally entered into internet friendship with me. Also, of course, if I have ever gotten even a form email from you on any of my accounts, then we are definitely Internet Friends (I'm talking to you Nigeria, and Marvel Comics.)

The Blog I am highly recommending is:

Girl on Book Action. It is Book and movie reviews written by two, twenty-something ladies in Canada.

Doomwench, a self-described girl Van Helsing is an extremely voracious reader, so much so that she is willing to let her readers have a say in what she reads and reviews. (I assume that eventually she will read everything), writes the book reviews. There is a definite format to the reviews on the blog, and it works for me. The book reviews start with a blurb, then an aside by the reviewer if there is one to be made, and then her thoughts. There is some humor and personality here, but the reviews are solid and well written also.

Wren (the Queen of France, and who am I to dispute that) Watches movies in the same way that Doomwench goes through books apparently. The movies run the range of types and styles, but there is a bit of a geek sensibility about the choices. All of her reviews so far are for movies I have either wanted to see or have been curious about. Her reviews are extremely funny but also make a lot of sense, and show real thought. They also tend to follow a format, in this case it is: Preconceptions, General Review, and Random Thoughts, with an aside thrown in where it is needed.

Both the book reviews, and the movie reviews come across as thoughtful, smart, and well written. I wasn't sure what to expect, as I had not ever read anything by these folks (or ever met them, or actually know them), but I have been very happy with the content. It is always nice to get other viewpoints on things, and even nicer when they are as well written and presented these are..

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