Sunday, February 21, 2010

CBD 02/17/2010

Tick: New Series, Atomic Robo, Tiny Titans

This was an awesome week for comics. I can't say what else may have come out, but this week made me about as happy as I can be made by the comics waiting for me in my box at the Comics Shop.

Tiny Titans #25 - Still my favorite take on the DC Universe that is currently running. Conner comes back and fun times ensue. We meet Match, who is Conner's genetic match, and more or less his bizzarro. We also get a story where all of the girls end up with the multi colored lantern rings titled "Brightest Day in the Afternoon" Which is cute and funny.

Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #1 - I was really thrilled to see another Robo series starting. I guess I missed hearing about this one somehow, but fortunately my LCS loves me. This series starts with two applicants showing up at the same time to interview, and some insight into the decision making process for hiring new Action Scientists. Somehow the barrier between our dimension and that of the Vampire Dimension (not classic vampires, just called that because of their basic traits) has been breached. Fortunately Jenkins is on our side. This is funny and smart, and just clicks. So far every mini series in this title has been completely different, while delivering the same great payoffs of humor and characters and story. Issue three of this promises to give us some more Dr. Dinosaur(as if it wasn't already a must-read)

The Tick, New Series #2 - I have read some Edlund Tick and enjoyed it a lot. I have watched the cartoon and the live-action series, and enjoyed them both, with a strong preference for the cartoon, but a love of both. Benito Cereno and Les McClaine are delivering a product that absolutely captures the humor and familiar style and feel that I know and love from those variations(all of them different, but all with the same sort of feel, and the same treatment of the characters and setting and tone). It also brings it's own qualities that make it way more than just a treatment of a license or some such. I laughed through the entire issue and was left with a smile on my face when it was done. It wasn't nostalgia for what has gone on previously that made me laugh. I highly recommend this for fans of any previous presentation of the Tick, as well as for anyone that like their funnybooks to be funny.

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