Saturday, July 25, 2009

SDCC - oh really?

In my bitterness, I propose it change it's name to SDPCC or SDGCC. That end part would be pop culture con or geek culture con, but I guess anything that suggested it was really just a way to market movie, tv and video game stuff to my people by claiming to be something ... it is... would be an appropriate name. Yes, I can't suggest that it isn't also a big ass comic convention, but it's focus is certainly divided. I'm not even sure that's a bad thing.

Also, I mean... It's not like I'm sitting here at home watching G4's coverage and wishing I could be there or anything... You don't know... I could be standing while I watch it.

One thing I will say about the G4 coverage is that they did just call comic books a genre. I yelled at the screen. I am pretty sure my tv won't make that mistake again.

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