Saturday, July 25, 2009

Emily the oddly familiar

I recently borrowed several Emily the Strange comics from the library. I had no real preconceived notions. I like the character design just fine and thought it might be worth a look. The issues I got are #1,2 & 3 from 2005 and are titled Boring, Lost, and Dark.

Emily is a pretty standard sort of Wednesday Adams kind of character. It's not a particularly new thing. She's dark and a loner and... Actually i don't see a whole lot more to her than that, not from the comics anyway. Other than seeing Emily sort of moving around talking about various things in various not very well written scenes, the art isn't particularly good. The main character looks good, I like the design, but mostly it's sort of pretentious nonsense with no real point and no real art to it either.

It's just a lot of sort of abstract stuff built around the one word theme of each issue. As far as comics go... Emily makes a good T-shirt.

It's possible that the inevitable movie will be a better way to actually get some character out of the character. I like the character design, regardless of how much it really does look like it had at least part of it's roots in plagiarism.

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