Friday, September 27, 2019

Setting up to disappoint

I know I have probably done this too often, but I think I may actually have some things going soon. I volunteered at SPX this year, and it was fantastic. SPX does a lot of things on a lot of levels, and is pretty special. It can also be offputting. You just need to convince yourself that you are just as cool as all the people there that are cooler than you. I met some great people and bought some really good comics.

I am definitely working on a Podcast that highlights the comics of the eighties, hopefully covering some of the less celebrated but still awesome creators and stories of that decade that covers a pretty big time in comics for me and my cohost Victor. Look for Big Time Comics Podcast coming soon.

Also, I very much want to make a youtube channel where I talk about comics... A Talkin' 'Bout Comics channel where I talk.... 'bout comics. My plan is to take all those cut up comics and action figures created by baby-men, and tape them back together on camera... Just kidding, I just plan on talking about comics stuff, and not being a horrible person while doing it.

So, you know, look for updates on these projects here, hopefully soon.

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